AKC Golden Retriever Puppy ETA 2020


  • Application for a Puppy

    Please email the following information to



    1.  Full Name
    2.  A way of identifying where the dog will be kept. Please email a copy of your utility bill. Golden Retrievers will not be sold to people that do not have a yard or proper outdoor space.
    3.  A statement explaining why you/your family would love to adopt a Golden Retriever and your plans to take care of him or her.
    4.  A statement of your committment to NEVER hit, spank or other wise physically punish your Golden Retriever. 
  • Return & Refund Policy

    If for some reason, you wish to return your puppy, you may do so within 5 days of purchase for a 75% refund. The breeder retains 25% of the purchase price to compensate for veterinarian fees for 10/12 week shots, food costs and general health maintence until a new family adopts the puppy.


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